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5 Cover Letter Mistakes

Writing a resume can be quite a tricky thing to do. While most of us do not consider it such a difficult task, in reality we all end up making huge blunders in it if we do not hire the help and assistance of a specialist resume writer. A big reason for the blunders we make is the lack of knowledge and the non-professional attitude which is understandable since we are not designed for the job. As much highlighted by the professional resume writer at our company, one of the biggest tragedies is the ignorance when it comes to having the best cover letters.
More often than not do we skip the cover letters and merely focus on the resume. However, if you look at it closely, a cover letter is an integral part of the resume. In fact, it instigates the interest in the hiring manager to move on to the next page. A poor cover letter can very well be a deal breaker on its own! Our providers of resume writing services also focus over the fact that a cover letter tends to go beyond the facts and figures mentioned in the resume and present a solid story of why you really are interested in the job and what should the management look forward to. Here, as collected from our professional resume writers, is the list of 5 Cover Letter Mistakes that we should never dare to commit:

Failure to Tell YOUR Story
You need to convey your passions and your interests wholeheartedly in the form of a cover letter. Hence, it is essential to be able to tell how it is for you and what you are expecting. You can also add a compelling story stating your past accomplishments – something that will explain it all in more detail than the resume.

Usage of “To Whom It May Concern”
Another big blunder that happens is when we lack the will to actually address the resume to a person. Try and state the name of the hiring manager instead of keeping it generic. In case you don’t know the name then you can Google it out or search websites such as LinkedIn. You may even consider contacting the receptionist of the office to find out who the resume should be addressed to.

Inconsistent Cover Letter
You need to make sure that your cover letter goes parallel to your resume. Your resume needs to demonstrate continuity with the letter. Also use the exact formatting to make it look good. It is better if you use an easily readable font such as Arial.

No Mention of the Concerns
As identified by our resume service providers, many times, due to some fear of rejection, the job seekers do not mention their concerns such as long distance and salary packages. It is always better to keep things straight and open. Hiring managers also like this as it appeals as a point of confidence.

Ending the Letter Vaguely
Be sure that you end the cover letter stating something like you will be looking forward to a reply within a week’s time and if you don’t get any, you will keep a follow up.

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