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Accomplished and dynamic professional eager to contribute management and operational expertise towards supporting the organization in driving business growth and increasing bottom-line profits as a key team member with extensive experience innovating vaccine delivery technologies, adjuvant and vaccine development. A highly dedicated individual and a proven leader with documented success in progressively dynamic and challenging positions, with working knowledge of the principles and techniques of effective supervision. Strategic thinker and results-oriented recognized ability to handle various organizational functions and lead productive teams in exceeding company goals. Excellent analytical skills with keen attention to detail, ability to analyze situations, and research information to develop sound and ethical business solution. A team player with effective interpersonal and communication skills, adept at building productive relationships and building rapport with a diverse set of individuals.

Core Competencies
Organizational Leadership • Operations Management • Time Management • Research & Analysis • Administrative Functions • Team Management • Client Relationship • Customer Service • Project Management • Product Development


• Excels in organizational planning. Delivers excellence in research and development, healthcare, administration and management.
• Able to work collaboratively with others, gather information, solicit feedback, and implement appropriate course of action to ensure best outcomes.
• Offers unparalleled integrity, initiative, resourcefulness, consistency, and diligence in achieving objectives and both short and long-term goals.
• Results-oriented, able to balance multiple responsibilities, consistently delivering results on time.
• Natural communicator with strong motivational skills and the ability to support operational goals and meet objectives.
• Adept at leading by example, marshaling resources and creating professional atmosphere to accomplish objectives.
• Exceptional ability to build and develop professional relationships.
• Proven ability to conduct medical research, devise and conduct experiments, process and analyze results and data.
• Proficient in developing original solutions to problems.
• Ability to collaborate with industry/academia to apply results of research and develop new techniques, products or practices.
• Successfully developed respiratory synctial virus, influenza, ETEC, anthrax, tetanus, malaria, HIV, H. pylori, TB, biodefense and cancer immunotherapy vaccines.


Novavax 2010 – 2012
Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer

Intercell 2008 – 2010
Chief Scientific Officer

Iomai Corporation, Gaithersburg MD 1998 – 2008
Senior Vice President & Scientific Director

Iomai Corporation, Washington DC 1997 – 1998
Founder/Scientific Director

Kaiser Permanente Group MD 1993 – 1996
Pediatrician, AHC

Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Washington DC 1993 – 1996
Attending Pediatrician/Pediatric Clinic

Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, Washington DC 1992 – 1997
Clinician-Research Scientist, Department of Membrane Biochemistry
Honorably Discharged, Lieutenant Colonel, US ARMY

34th General Hospital, Augsburg Germany 1990 – 1992
Staff Pediatrician
Madigan Army Medical Center, Tacoma WA 1989 – 1990
PL-3, Pediatrics

Miami Children’s Hospital, Miami FL 1987 – 1989
PL-1, PL-2

Alexander and Alexander, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 1980 – 1983
Administrative Assistant

Mountlake Christian School, Seattle WA 1979 – 1980
Secondary School Instructor

Whitman College, Walla Walla WA 1977 – end-date
Intercollegiate Women’s Soccer Coach

California Sunshine, Anaheim CA 1977- end-date
Professional Soccer Player


BA Biology-Chemistry, 1972-1977
Whitman College, Walla Walla, WA

Diploma in Christian Studies, 1978-1991
Regent College, Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Doctor of Medicine, 1983-1987
Oral Roberts University School of Medicine, Tulsa, OK


Pediatrics Year 1, 2 Miami Children’s Hospital, Coral Gables, FL, 1987-1989
Pediatrics Year 3, Madigan Army Medical Center, Ft. Lewis, WA, 1989-1990
Diplomate of the American Board of Pediatricians (44530), 1990


Medical Research Fellowship, Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, Washington, DC, 1992-1993


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Vaccine Delivery Systems
Enteric Diseases


Principal Investigator/Senior Contributor on the following grants:

DHHS BARDA Contract, 2006, 15,000,000
PI-Transcutaneous Immunization for Tetanus Booster, 1998, NIAID Phase 1 SBIR, $100,000
PI-Transcutaneous Immunization for DNA, 1998, NIAID Phase 1 SBIR, $100,000
HIV RAD: Structural approaches to vaccine development, 2001, NIH, $340,000
PI-Transcutaneous Immunization for Tetanus Booster, 2002, NIAID Phase 2 SBIR, $851,767
Development of Broad Platform Immunostimulatory Cancer Vaccine, 2002, NIST, $3,467,618
Skin Immunization with SIV and HIV Antigen, 2002, NIAID SBIR, $399,790
Transcutaneous Immunization for Tetanus Booster, 2003, NIAID Phase 2 SBIR, $811,042


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WO99/43350, “Use of Penetration Enhancers and Barrier Disruption Agents,” August 25, 1999
U.S. Patent 5,980,898, “Adjuvant for Transcutaneous Immunization,” November 9, 1999
Brazilian Patent PI9712952-6, “Adjuvant for Transcutaneous Immunization,” December 7, 1999
WO00/61184, “Dry Formulation for Transcutaneous Immunization,” October 10, 2000
Canadian Patent 2,272,417, “Adjuvant for Transcutaneous Immunization,” January 19, 2000
New Zealand Patent 335749, “Adjuvant for Transcutaneous Immunization,” January 26, 2001
Australian Patent 744537, “Adjuvant for Transcutaneous Immunization,” June 13, 2002
WO02/74325, “Patch for Transcutaneous Immunization,” September 19, 2002


Meritorious Service Medal
Army Achievement Medal

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