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Deputy Director of J4 Logistics & Engineering
Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Supervisor: Robert Horwedel – 318-252-6271; Contact: Yes

Hours per week: 40
Duties: Chief of Logistics for the United States Military Training Mission (USMTM), the United States Defense Representative (USDR), the Office of the Program Manager Saudi Arabian National Guard (OPM-SANG), the Interagency Support Agreement (IASA-members include United States Embassy), Central Air Force Security Force Group (64th AEG). Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA), Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA), and Peace Sun/Peace Shield Program servicing the largest, Foreign Military Sales Security Assistance Organization in the DoD. Support 7 Saudi Arabian geographically separated detachments and manage and direct Logistical Operations for 7 military, 10 civilian and 60 DoD contractor personnel. Technical Traffic Manager and Logistical expert to USMTM senior staff and directorates regarding transportation (cargo/container import/export), personal property, vehicle operations, supply and equipment, and official passenger travel. Implements DoD service regulations and policies for processing movement of all personnel/personal property and cargo under the authority of the 1977 Accord (International Agreement) between the United States and Saudi Arabia. Liaison with US Ambassador, US Government Service Office (GSO), IASA, HQ Surface Deployment Distribution Center (HQ SDDC), Saudi Arabia Ministry of Custom (MOC), and Saudi Arabia Ministry of Defense & Aviation (MODA) obtaining resolution of problems causing delays to clear and receive shipments. Monitors/controls 18 Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs) valued at $2.2M and 3 service contracts valued at $4M. Resource Advisor for the Joint Engineering & Logistics Branch; managed a $1.5M operating budget for Supply, Transportation, and Vehicles; established annual Funding Requirements, manages Foreign Military Sales (FMS) support case funding and reimbursable funds allocated to the DOL operating budget; justify and request/write Unfunded Requirement Statements (UFRS); member of the Senior Program Budget Advisory Committee (PBAC. Senior Military Customs
Inspector (SMCI) for all cargo movement in/out of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under the USDR authority. Develop, coordinate, and promulgate policy and instructions required to implement the DoD Military Custom Inspection Program in the United States Central Command Area Of Responsibility. Provides in transit-visibility using the Global Transportation Network System (GTN) and Joint Total Asset Visibility (JTAV) system to USDR, HQ Defense Commissary Agency (DECA), HQ Army and Air Force Exchange (AAFES), and HQ SDDC for all inbound freight/cargo movement. Coordinate customs clearances through contract brokers for all inbound freight through commercial aerial or ocean port terminal with appropriate Saudi Arabian ministries taking consideration, unexpected missions, emergency situations, and personnel shortages, criticality of cargo, time/budgetary constraints, and local regulatory requirements. Delegates authority to subordinate supervisors and holds them responsible for the performance for organizational elements. Promote variety of management programs; safety, cost reductions, incentive awards, beneficial suggestions within established policies and procedures. Installation Mortuary Affairs Officer responsible for precise movement of deceased military/DoD civilians, coordinate with local police, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), Ministry of Health (MOH), MODA, and US Embassy.

78th Logistics Readiness Sq., Air Force Material (01/10/2003 – 05/01/2005) –
Chief, Traffic Management Flight
Warner Robins, Georgia United States
Supervisor: Reginald Pero – Unk; Contact: Yes

Hours per week: 40
Duties: Supervised combination of 43 civilian and military personnel. Manages the operation in the movement of personal property and passenger travel to and from largest air logistics center in the Air Force. Direct flight policy and procedures for the Direct Procurement Method and Commercial Travel Office contract with a combined annual value of $8M. Planned, organized, and validated expenditure of more than $22M in DoD obligated funds via Government Bills of Lading, Government Transportation Request (GTR), Government Travel Card and local invoices. Controlled and coordinated development of civilian/ military formal training and job certification. Manages work mode production for compliance with HQ Air Force Material Command (AFMC) establish requirements and objectives. Coordinates personnel actions with labor relations personnel and settles grievances with union representatives. Planned subordinate schedules for short-term priorities, and prepared schedules. Accomplished long-range plans in anticipation of functional and program changes, promoted improvements, and reduced operating costs. HQ AFMC Inspector General Team Member.

8th Transportation Squadron, Pacific Air Force Com (12/10/2001 – 12/10/2002) –
Chief, Traffic Management Flight
Kunsan Air Base, Republic of Korea, Armed Forces Pacific Korea, Republic of
Supervisor: Kenneth Richardson – Unk; Contact: Yes

Hours per week: 40
Duties: Supervised, planned, and directed work efforts of 10 military personnel engaged in personal property movement. Reviewed official orders and determined entitlements set forth in Joint Federal Travel Regulations and applicable supplements. Established and monitored compliance with safety and performance standards. Set priorities and maintained sequence of daily operations. Ensured equitable distribution of tonnage among 14 agents/carriers. Monitored industry compliance with packaging, preparation, and containerization standards. Determined appropriate mode of shipment. Ensured compliance with tender of service directives. Certified and processed carrier invoices for payment of services rendered. Utilized Transportation Operational Personal Property Standard System (TOPS) to coordinate property movement and storage. Squadron Contracting Officer Representative.

55th Transportation Squadron, Offutt AFB NE (07/30/1992 – 12/03/2002) –
NCOIC, Personal Property Movement
Bellevue, Nebraska United States
Supervisor: Thomas Kovy – Unknown; Contact: Yes

Hours per week 40
Duties: Supervised 4 military personnel and 2 civilians in daily operations of quality control and inbound sections. Augmented supervision of remaining household goods sections. Managed and controlled more than 350 international and domestic carrier performance files. Evaluated carriers under Total Quality Assurance Program. Maintained all carrier performance rate files. Performed inspections on personal property, carriers, and agents. Liaison for resolving carrier-customer disputes over service provided. Interpreted entitlements and tender of services for flight personnel and customers. Maintained 40,000-pound differential within the same rate group on the carrier tonnage distribution roster. Operated Transportation Operational Personal Property System (TOPS).

Joint Personal Property Shipping Office, SA-TX (12/06/1988 – 07/07/1992)
NCOIC, Transportation Excess Cost/Evaluations
San Antonio, Texas United States
Supervisor: Karl Stanton – Unknown; Contact: Yes

Hours per week: 40
Duties: Analyzed personal property claims documents submitted by Staff Judge Advocate Claims Offices Air Force wide. Determined dollar amount of unearned transportation charges to be recovered for each care and took set-off action against moving companies in the commercial carrier industry. Assisted in coordinating all recovery actions. Prepared Committee Against Pilferage report, tracked pilferage of items from Air Force shipments. Worked closely with commercial carriers, the Defense Finance and Accounting Service Indianapolis Center, General Services Administration, and US General Accounting Office. Processes request for airlift of household goods and requests for extension of entitlements for retirees. Determined excess costs on shipment of household goods, mobile homes, and privately owned vehicles for Air Force military and civilian personnel.

8 Transportation Squadron, Kunsan Korea (11/20/1987 – 12/01/1988)
Passenger Travel Specialist
Kunsan, [Not Applicable] Korea, Republic of
Supervisor: Lynwood Brooks – Unknown; Contact: Yes

Hours per week: 40
Duties: Determined mode, routing, and cost of commercial transportation. Prepared Government Transportation Requests (GTR) and MAC Transportation Authorizations. Maintained passenger records and registers. Coordinated with commercial travel office ensuring travel arrangements were handled in accordance with government directives. Counseled military and civilian employees on personal property shipping entitlements.

3380 Transportation Squadron, Keesler AFB MS (09/10/1985 – 11/01/1987)
Quality Control Inspector
Biloxi , Mississippi United States
Supervisor: Donald Hill – Unknown; Contact: Yes

Hours per week: 40
Duties: Evaluated performance of more than 250 carriers annually and semi-annually; suspended and reinstated carriers for violations of Tender of Service and regulations. Assisted Quality Assurance evaluator by creation of warehouse inspection reports, and loss and damage reports. Counseled DoD personnel concerning entitlements for shipping household goods, unaccompanied baggage, Do-It-Yourself (DITY) moves, privately-owned conveyances, mobile homes, professional equipment, items of extraordinary value and temporary and non-temporary storage of personal property. Conducted group counseling sessions and prepared all associated documentation.

Embry Riddle Aeronautical University (02/10/2004 – Still Attending)
Warner Robins, Georgia
United States
Degree: Bachelor Science Major: Professional Aeronautics; Minor: Logistics Management;
GPA: 3.5 Semester Hours: 90

High School
Murrah High School (08/01/1979 – 05/30/1983)
Jackson, Mississippi
United States
Degree: HS Diploma
GPA: 3.5

License – US Diplomatic Passport (02/22/2005) – Active

Training – Individual Terrorism Awareness Course (07/10/2006) 60
Individual terrorism awareness, executive protection, and vehicle dynamics and accident avoidance.
Terrorism awareness and prevention, terrorist operations, improvised explosive devices, hostage survival, surveillance detection, protective measures for individuals, weapons of mass destruction, and survival shooting.

Specialized Education – Middle East Orientation Course (12/05/2005) 40
Conducted by USAFSOS/EDRM, this UNCLASSIFIED course provides historical, cultural, religious, social, political and military information on the region, assesses the terrorist threat, and provides personal protection and antiterrorism information required by personnel being assigned to the Middle East, including technical assistance field teams (TAFTs) and mobile training teams (MTTs). Course emphasis was on countries where students were being assigned.

Advance Joint Traffic Management Course (05/08/2002) 80
This course consists of training in Transportation individual critical tasks related to cargo documentation; planning, loss, and damage control; unit movements; application of TC-AIMS II; DAMMS; Worldwide Port System (WPS); and the Global Transportation Network (GTN).This course consists of training in Transportation individual critical tasks related to cargo documentation; planning, loss, and damage control; unit movements; application of TC-AIMS II; DAMMS; Worldwide Port System (WPS); and the Global Transportation Network (GTN). This course also contains all the TRADOC sponsored, warrior tasks and battle drills

Certification – Senior Customs Inspector Course (05/10/2005) 40
Defines responsibilities for overseas customs and agriculture pre-clearance operations
throughout the United States Central area of responsibility. Provided training in examination of personal property, parcel mail, and other DoD cargo, including the physical opening of baggage, parcels, cartons, and containers and disassembly of articles, as required to ascertain the contents thereof.

Certification – Hazardous Material Preparation Course (10/01/2004) 120
Comprehensive review of the transportation of hazardous materials by motor, rail, water and air. All regulatory requirements and publications in the two-week hazardous course are covered. Graduation credit for the course is dependent upon successful completion of the final examination. Qualification attained is effective for two years, after which retraining is necessary.

Training – Passenger & Household Goods Specialist Course (09/10/1983) 260
Formal training on federal and military transportation regulations, instructions, and directives; passenger and personal property entitlements; quality assurances evaluation procedures, United States and foreign customs regulations, and warehousing procedures; military passenger, freight, and personal property rate computations; packaging methods, specifications, and orders; hazardous cargo requirements; blocking, bracing, and tie-down principles; and carrier capabilities and procedures for movement of passengers, cargo, and personal property in military and commercial air, rail, truck., and water systems.

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