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How long should a cover letter be?

While writing a cover letter is fairly simple, it is also one of the most important things when it comes to submitting a resume. The cover letter serves as the first Hello from potential employee to employer. This means that even before they call you in for an interview, this is their first impression of you. Given that, it must sound professional and well written.
A professional cover letter is not more than a page long. This space is quite limited hence the importance of one being specific. Write concisely focusing on the company’s present lack and the skills and experience that you have to fill the void. If you have a letter that is overly long or drawn out your potential employer may become bored. If your document is too short it may seem as if you are not adequately explaining yourself.
After you have properly formatted your document it is time to consider what you are planning on including in your letter. The body should explain why you are sending a resume to begin with. This means your goals and desires for working with the company. Next you should outline which position you are applying for and why you qualify. This is your time to convince the recruiter to continue to read your resume.
In no longer than one standard paragraph, briefly outline your goals and reasons for applying. Afterwards you should draw attention to the points in your background that qualify you for the position. You should then make sure that you review any special information that has been requested and tell your employer what you will do to follow up in the case of an interview.
Remember that a cover letter is a complementary of the resume you attach. One does not, therefore, need to repeat what can be read from the résumé. Save the time of the employer by not replicating your résumé in the cover letter. A résumé addresses your qualifications and job positions in which you previously worked. A cover letter should address how those qualifications and experiences would help the need of the job you are applying for.
Most important, maintain a positive tone. The human resource manager reading your letter should also read the confidence you have. Let them feel obliged to read your cover letter and give time to your résumé. They should feel that you actually believe that you have what they are looking for.
Lastly you should provide all applicable information so that the person reading the cover letter has various ways to contact you.

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