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Domestic Violence…….Drug/Alcohol Abuse…….PTSD/Crisis…….Anxiety/Depression
 Dedicated, professional and knowledgeable Licensed Mental Health Counselor with demonstrated experience in assisting all levels of mental health counseling, eager to contribute educational and strong experience of all facets of addiction, advanced communications and active listening skills toward supporting the goals of a progressive and forward-thinking counseling program.
 Deep understanding of cognitive restructuring, behavior modification and therapeutic intervention principles. Exceptional listener and persuasive communicator with a desire to assist clients from military, diverse socio-economic and cultural backgrounds achieve mental health and addiction free living by providing the tools needed to overcome obstacles.

Masters of Counseling – Trinity Western University – 2008 (GPA 3.6)
B.A., Psychology – Western Washington University – 2000
General Studies – Denver Seminary (Transferred to Western Washington University)

Licensed Mental Health Therapist – (May 2011)- #LH60226862
Intensive Training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy – 80 hrs. (Oct 2008 & Apr 2009)
Intensive Training in Emotion Focused Couples Counseling – 40 hrs. – 2008
Advanced Satir Therapy Training – 48 hrs. – 2007

Statistical Experience:
 Proficient in SPSS data analysis, ANOVA, correlation, and multivariate regression analysis.
Physiology Lab:
 One year of study under Dr. Merle Prim, performing invasive animal surgery, animal care, data collection, analyzation and entry, histological techniques.
Program Development:
 Collaborative team effort of Private Practitioners that successfully developed full fidelity Dialectical Behavior Therapy Program.
 Strong and flexible team member that assisted in promoting personal and professional unity, and creation of mission statement and values to strategically guide the program.
 Delivered presentation to approximately 100 professionals and described organizational DBT team efforts that ensured clinical fidelity to DBT model.
Spiritual Beliefs:
 Strong understanding of role in Spiritual Beliefs in personal formation of clients, and provide therapy that encourages spirituality as a resource for strength and guidance during difficult times.
 Advanced understanding of negative effects of misused spirituality in development of individuals, families and communities.
Anxiety & Depression:
 As an Individual and Couples Therapist, assist people struggling with different issues; Anxiety, Depression, Domestic Violence, Abuse, Dependency, Marriage Issues, Crisis, Premarital Counseling, Trauma, PTSD (Military, Car Accidents, Abuse), Christian Counseling, Minor Drug, alcohol, and sex addiction.
 Identified and assessed anxiety and depressive disorders, provided extensive anxiety treatment, talk therapy, psycho education, and target client biological and historical factors that contributed to anxiety and depression.
 Provided psycho education concerning cognitive distortions and mistaken beliefs, the effects of stimulants, exercise, and relaxation, and lead clients through mindfulness, meditation, and relaxation exercises
 Administer assessment of PTSD and trauma symptoms, and provide systematic desensitization including client hierarchy of anxious situations, Invivo Therapy, Prolonged Exposure, and Imaginal Therapy.
 Assisted clients manage responses to addressing previous trauma including hypervigilance, nightmares, avoidance, anger, marital conflict and complex grief.
 Clients are viewed in the context of their relationships with others and how those relationships impact current levels of functioning.
 Therapy is collaborative, holistic, and flexible, with intentions tailored to empower and meet specific goals set by the client, where hope is always achievable.
Suicidal Clients:
 Assess for Borderline Personality Disorder using professional inventories, and diligently track client suicidal urges, thoughts, and actions daily.
 Provide structured sessions to target client crisis behavior, consulted with team to ensure DBT treatment criteria, and skillfully used behavior chain analysis to identify the contributing factors to client behavior
Domestic Violence:
 Provide therapy to survivors of past and present domestic violence, male and female, and provide psycho education concerning power, control and the abuse cycle.
 Provide information about community resources and education about a safety plan to best support survivors.
 Counseled adults with parenting skills for low income state funded families that lost funding; developed new group of independent Practitioners called MiddlePath Counseling.
Pre- and Post-marital Counseling:
 Provide 9-week faith-based premarital course exploring common factors that determine the likelihood of a successful marriage.
 Weekly topics include commitment, family of origin, communication, conflict resolution, roles, and finances.
 Provided detailed explanation of the Prepare and Enrich Inventory that highlights a broad range of couple’s strengths and weaknesses.
 Assisted in creating an intensive outpatient individual and group program for persons dealing with severe Borderline Personality Disorder centered on full fidelity Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and Individual, Family counseling for Adolescents and Adults.
Couples Counseling:
 Provided Emotional Focused Couples Counseling and Gottman Research for couples therapy that includes an assessment to identify primary contributors to marital problems.
 Provide psycho education about Gottman’s research around marital happiness including The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Flooding, The Sound Marital House, Positive/ Negative Sentiment Override, and Shared Meaning, and Identify Pursue/Distance patterns.
 Increase closeness of couple by promoting factors promoting judgment and getting in the way of compassion and empathy.
 Provide psycho education about roles, the impact of family of origin, and communication skills.
Relevant Volunteer Experience:
Grief Support Group Leader- Lamentations Fall 2000
 A support group for individuals who have experienced the loss of a loved one.
Food Bank – 1999 to 2001
 Delivered food to low income individuals and families in public housing, and introduced qualified individuals to community resources.
12 step Men’s Support Group/Prodigal Men’s Group 1999
 Faith-based group for men struggling with alcohol, drug, relationship, and sex addictions.

Individual and Couples /Therapist Independent Practitioner – Bridging Counseling Ministries 2008 – Present
Adolescent and Family Therapist – Northwest Youth Services 2008 – 2009
Counselor/Independent Private Practitioner – Middle Path Counseling 2009 – Current

National Board of Certified Counselors
American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists

→ Spending time with my wife and introducing new intellectual and outdoor experiences to my twins.
→ Visiting Lake Cushman with the family on the Olympic Peninsula.
→ Running, hiking, kayaking, camping, and family travel.
→ Reading memoirs and biographies with special interest in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars.

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