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United States Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD), Washington • DC April 2010 – Present
Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer (OCHCO) Strategy, Planning & Accountability Program Office
Management Analyst, GS-12 (series 0343)
Supervisor: Lynette Warren, Full-Time, $77,368 USD per Year, 40+ Hrs. /Wk
 Efficiently performed essential work in support of the HUD Human Capital Accountability Program; partnered with the Accountability Officer in the assessment of the Department’s human capital management systems and programs to ensure conformity with the structures described in the Human Capital Assessment and Accountability Framework (HCAAF); extensively conducted various types qualitative/quantitative analyses, prepared responses and reports based on findings and required actions; identified trends, researched Federal regulations and other related documents to ensure program compliance; managed human capital audits and served as the audit liaison, coordinated communication between the organization and OPM; organized briefings, reviewed and tracked deliverables.
 Strategically evaluated human capital files and program policies to ensure program compliance with Federal regulations; including the student loan repayment, re-employed annuitants and reassignment programs. Researched and communicated technical information to management; including, appointment authorities, legislation, and added guidance and agency requirements. Authored corrective action plans recommending regulatory and administrative amendments for the Agency’s policies and standard procedures to resolve possible issues with program operations.
 Spearheaded the management of department-wide employee engagement programs and human capital improvement efforts from conception to implementation; coordinated the Employee Viewpoint Survey, Merit Systems Survey and the CXO Customer Satisfaction Survey. Represented OCHCO on the Agency’s CXO Customer Satisfaction Survey Working Group; examined survey data, prepared reports, charts and presentations for OCHCO leadership. Communicated decisions and recommendations for management and working group consideration. Led the Department-wide action planning efforts and task team, comprised of representatives from each HUD office, in an effort to advance HUD’s standing in employee satisfaction and to propel the Secretary’s goal to “Transform the Way HUD Does Business.” Provided guidance during the action planning process, at both program and departmental level. Identified best practices and advised management on how they could be adopted at the Agency; organized Department-wide presentations from outside agencies and private organizations.
 Successfully managed and prepared department-wide correspondence on behalf of the Chief Human Capital Officer; coordinated agency-wide written communication for the HUD Newsletter, intranet, various SharePoint sites and HUD-wide announcements.
 Orchestrated the 2010 HUD Employee Viewpoint Survey (EVS) Action Plan from end-to-end and initiated the plan for 2012; collaborated with the Office of the Secretary, Public Affairs, Strategic Planning and HUD program offices; developed score cards as a mechanism for tracking quarterly progress and identifying barriers; assessed new initiatives to ensure the specified goals in the Action Plan are aligned with the Secretary’s vision and HUD’s overall mission. Represented the Agency at several conferences and meetings with outside agencies and private organizations.
 Collaborated with the Office of Strategic Planning to complete data analysis, researched data and other information in support of the Secretary’s quarterly performance status meetings with senior leadership; provided information in support of the meetings and the government-wide performance management website.
 Systematically analyzed the action plans and management plans developed by program offices, in an effort to link the identified goals and strategies; analyzed the Agency’s current plans to ensure the selected initiatives and strategies are aligned with the Secretary’s annual and multi-year goals.
 Performed work in support of developing the OCHCO Management Action Plan and Operations Plan; conducted various types of qualitative and quantitative analyses; prepared narratives and scorecards for the plans and facilitated discussions on planning efforts and potential challenges. Provided recommendations for solutions and possible adjustments.
 Facilitated workshops and performed data analysis in support of developing the 2011 Human Capital Strategic Plan. Managed resources in support of the 2011 Human Capital Management Report; coordinated organized work in support of data collection.
 Performed work in support of developing, communicating and implementing a measurable Succession Plan and for the Continuity of Operations Program (COOP) Coordinator Alternate for the Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer.

Key Representative Projects
 Successfully lead the collaborative efforts set forth by OCHCO, the Secretary’s Office, Strategic Planning and the Office of Public Affairs in the development and implementation of the 2011 EVS end-to-end communication plan and strategy for the Agency; served as the HUD’s EVS point of contact, and as a result, the Agency surpassed the Secretary’s goal and accomplished a 65% response rate; the highest rate in the Agency’s history.
 Provided OCHCO leadership and the Secretary’s Office with a weekly trend analyses on the Department’s 2011 EVS participation rates.
 Led cross-departmental discussions in support of the action planning process and conducted quarterly Department-wide team meetings to gauge program office performances against stated action items; organize ‘best practice’ forums with other Federal Agencies which supported the Secretary’s goal to encourage program office collaboration.
 Innovatively developed an email notification system; the email blast was a strategy developed to ensure a constant flow of information and as a mechanism to promote employee engagement. Teamed up with Public Affairs and the Office of Information in the development of the first HUD EVS website. Prepared a Department-wide SharePoint site.
 Conducted a barrier analysis of initiatives identified in the 2010 HUD Action Plan; collaborated with the Office of Strategic Planning and Management to develop questions and other communication for the HUD virtual forum, HUD Ideas in Action.
 Developed written communication for the official HUD newsletter in an effort to promote employee participation on HUD Ideas in Action.
 Organized and developed program-specific information for the Succession Plan; including veterans, interns, employee and leadership development programs.
 Facilitated program office discussions on human capital strategic management efforts.
 In support of the Department’s robust Summer Intern Program, appointed and supervised 112 summer interns throughout the country, for the Office of Housing.
United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Washington • DC April 2008 – 2010
HUD Fellows Program/Management & Program Analyst
Federal Career Intern GS-9/11
Supervisor: Multiple Supervisors, Full-Time, GS-9/11 Salary USD per Year, 40+ Hrs. /Wk
 Office of Public and Indian Housing (PIH)/Office of Policy, Programs and Legislative Initiatives (OPPLI): Proficiently researched new program initiatives in public housing; prepared reports centered on mixed income developments and shared equity housing, in support of the office’s initiative to develop new and existing low-income housing programs, analyzed trends in housing and recognized more efficient ways to address public housing throughout the country.
 Conducted research in support of developing reports and explained the Office of the Inspector General’s findings on Native American programs and the 2009 Recovery Act funds; prepared an analytical report examining the audit results, objectives and recommendations for the Director of OPPLI’s consideration.
 Innovatively designed a structure to assist in OPPLI’s efforts to monitor and track Section 901 program funding;
 Integral part of the team that identified trends and barriers in the Section 901 Program and developed strategies to prevent further expenditure violations by public housing authorities throughout the country.

 Office of Public & Indian Housing/Chicago Regional Office: Researched and prepared analyses on new program initiatives and requirements under the 2009 American Recovery Act as they related to public housing .
 Conducted on site Asset Management Reviews, examined financial data, policy documents, records and tracking systems; monitored Recovery Act funds; reviewed all work items to ensure they were in accordance with the 2009 Recovery Act funding requirements.
 Served on the Springfield Housing Authority SWOT Team which conducted a review of the Springfield property, to ensure the housing authority was no longer in violation of HUD public housing regulations.
 Championed the role of an Internal Processing Auditor (IPA) Quality Control Coordinator reviewed the auditors findings and proposals and the analyses prepared by the financial, facilities and public housing analysts to ensure all the recommendations were satisfied and supported by the appropriate documentation;
 Carried out environmental reviews on suggested activities; performed work in accordance with HUD Form 4128, researched property information and location details, FEMA maps, surrounding property characteristics, historical data to ensure all proposed activities were in compliance with environmental regulations; recognized non-categorical and categorical activities in order to determine the appropriate type of review, in accordance with HUD regulations; prepared official communication to public housing authorities.
 Office of Field Policy & Management (FPM) – Washington DC Field Office: Performed duties as a Special Assistant to the Director of the HUD Washington, DC Field Office.
 Researched and analyzed new policies, programs and initiatives at federal and local government agencies and throughout the DC-metropolitan area, in support of the Director’s presentations and speaking engagements.
 Conducted research and prepared analyses on scientific, financial and public policy figures in support of the field office presentations and records;
 Collaborated with the offices of local government officials, U.S. Senators and House Representatives, to provide public support and assistance to the public in regards to HUD programs and initiatives; organized the Annual Briefing Conference hosted by the DC Field Office for local representatives and senators.
 Represented the Department’s Washington DC Field Office at the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments’ meetings; provided information and assistance on various HUD programs and initiatives.

 Office of Community Planning and Development, Office of Special Needs Assistance Programs (SNAPS): Participated in the reviewing process of competitive applications for a range of programs under the SNAPS’ authority
 Provided senior level staff with written and oral communication, as a part of the panel discussions, outlining review findings, application scores and recommendations.
 Involved in training and staff level subcommittees and work on special projects as appropriate, including new legislation, to accomplish these outcomes.

Key Representative Special Projects
 Reviewed and prepared recommendations for 38 new projects under the Rapid Re-Housing Demonstration Program.
 Reviewed and presented recommendations 40 new projects under the Exhibit 2 Program and 50 renewal projects under the Exhibit 1 Program.

 Administration/Office of Administrative and Management Services (OAMS): Performed work in support of the development and maintenance of department/unit budgets; including the monitoring of expenditures and budget; made projections regarding expenditure patterns.
 Maintained existing database entered and retrieved data; analyzed, created, and presented reports.
 Researched and responded to inquiries. Made referrals to appropriate resources.
 Administration/Office of Management and Planning (OMAP): As part of a team, prepared and revised various strategic planning documents such as the Human Capital Matrix, Mid-Year Adjustments Summary and the Management Plan.
 Teamed up to perform work in support of the auditing process; partnered with the Audit Liaison Officer to coordinate audits and facilitate communication between the Office of Administration and the Office of the Inspector General and the Government Accountability Office.
 Upon request, attended meetings on behalf of the Director and/or Account Representatives.
 Collaborated with the Office of the Executive Secretariat on revising HUD’s virtual “Reading Room” established under the United States Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Researched materials for the HUD website, verified information, prepared reports and other written documentation outlining all the information collected, established a timeline and organized briefings/meetings with the Director of the Office of the Executive Secretariat.
 Performed work to maintain the OCHCO website.

New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC), Trenton • NJ 2003 – 2008
Division of Inspection Services, Office of the Director
Administrative Analyst
Supervisor: Thomas Wright, Full-Time, $54,000 USD per Year 40+ Hrs. /Wk
 Served as one of the leading analyst reporting directly to the Director of Inspection Services, an agency within the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission in charge of setting policies, ensuring compliance, and developing overall strategies for two sub-divisions, Operations and Enhanced Inspection/Maintenance.
 Developed, implemented, and analyzed new programs and policies; update procedural manuals as needed.
 Drafted responses to RFIs from the Governor, Department of Transportation and other MVC offices.
 Attended meetings/conferences on behalf of the Director and present summary reports to the Division.
 Maintained various classified databases containing Division personnel and payroll records.
 Coordinated Division Travel and Expense Reimbursement Program (Communicate program policies to Division employees and work with Finance to ensure compliance with federal and state policies).
 Audit Division human resource activities (e.g., new hires, title reclassifications, employee terminations) to enforce compliance with EEOC regulations and other state policies.
 Coordinated Division Performance Evaluation System and Employee Probation System (Review and monitor all documents and provide support to managers and employees).

Key Representative Special Projects
 Coordinated “Fiscal Year 2003 Internal Control Process Risk Assessment Questionnaire” for the Division. Prepared a detailed letter for the Commissioner’s Report, outlining the questionnaire results, recommendations, and the Director’s plan to rectify operational mishaps within the Division.
 Investigated Division vacancies, estimated net cost to fill positions, and provided administrative projections and suggested hiring schedule for Budget Hearings.

New Jersey State Department of Transportation (DOT), Ewing Township • NJ 2000 – 2003
Human Resources Consultant – Division of Human Resources
Supervisor: Lorraine Maher, Full-Time, $30, 000 USD per Year, 40+ Hrs. /Wk
 Recipient of the “2003 State Employee Recognition Award” for excellence in government and significant
contribution to the NJDOT Capital Program Management Reorganization Task Group.
 Provided human resources support to New Jersey’s largest state department (4,000+ employees).
 Recruited and interviewed prospective DOT employees.
 Conducted new employee orientations and benefits presentations.
 Audited personnel forms to ensure compliance with Merit System rules and EEOC regulations.
 Facilitated promotional examinations and issued certifications for internal DOT promotions.
 Conducted research surveys to collect DOT and external title classification data for cross-analysis.
 Performed employee title classification audits, analyzed audit results and made revision recommendations to improve title classification system.


MA, Political Science, Non-Profit Management Certificate Program
Rutgers University-Newark, Newark • NJ

BS, Administration of Justice, Psychology Minor, Criminology Certificate Program
Rutgers University-Rutgers College, New Brunswick • NJ

• Successful hands-on experience in operations management, planning, workflow organization, space utilization, research, analysis, and investigations.
• Demonstrated ability to analyze information, identifies significant factors, gather pertinent data, and develop solutions.
• An effective problem-solver with excellent organizational and time management skills; capably liaises and manages business relationships.
• Recognized for ability to educate, train, lead, evaluate, and motivate personnel at all levels.
• Consistently perform critical roles in ensuring the readiness of staff and systems to support operations and organizational objectives.
• Promote a hardworking collaborative environment with excellent team building skills; foster enthusiasm with a focus on achieving company goals.
• Effectively use fiscal analysis, budgetary planning, and cost control strengths to coordinate and administer annual operating budgets.
 Leader, trainer, and team builder with extensive operational and administration experience, as well as, outstanding management, analytical and technical acumen
 Excellent interpersonal relations/oral and written communication skills.
 Versatility, adaptability, and willingness to tackle new responsibilities and multiple tasks; self-starter, assertive, positive “can do” attitude, and team player.
 Personally committed to the highest ethical standards with a proven history of achieving the highest levels of performance and productivity.
 Expert ability to perform work related to developing and maintaining relationships with stakeholders in various levels of government, private industry, and federal, state, and local agencies/organizations.

 Proficient in use of most major computer systems, information systems, spreadsheet applications, graphic and presentation applications, and word processing applications, including but not limited to: Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP / Vista; Microsoft WordPerfect; Microsoft Office Suite: MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, PowerPoint; MS Publisher; Internet Explore; Netscape Navigator; Lotus 123

 Ability to
o Review, analyze and develop methods to improve the accuracy, adequacy and timeliness of information and automated systems for collecting, collating, and disseminating information about the Bureau’s programs and work force at Bureau levels and geographic locations.
o Assist in developing, overseeing and implementing strategies to ensure cost effective Bureau spending and compliance with the laws and financial management policies and procedures; analyze, develop, and implement a centralized, coordinated financial information system providing standardized financial information among Bureau posts, program officers, and senior staff members.
o Administer critical strategic and performance planning activities associated with the Office of Management and Budget PART and Performance Plans.

 Experience in
o Working with qualitative and/or quantitative methods for the assessment and improvement of management process and systems.
o Applying analytical and evaluative methods and techniques to issues or studies concerning the efficiency and effectiveness of program operations.
o Applying pertinent laws, regulations, policies and precedents which affect the use of program and related support resources in the area studied.
o Applying a wide range of qualitative and/or quantitative methods for the assessment and improvement of complex management process and systems.
o Working with a wide range of administrative laws, policies, regulations, and precedents applicable to the administration of one or more important public programs.
o Planning, organizing, and participating in team study work and negotiating effectively with management to accept and implement recommendations where the proposals involve substantial agency resources.


 Resource Management – Possess proven problem solving and resource allocation skills needed to meet goals; maintain a well-organized team, cross training team members to be more efficient; cultivate awareness and self-actualization of personnel, building increased investment in operations by all staff.
 Process Implementation – Ability to anticipate unique requirements or potential roadblocks in all situations; promote an environment of continuous improvement and learning to deliver exceptional results; streamline communication and implementation channels to quickly and effectively meet customer and organizational needs.
 Relationship Management – Highly experienced in building a unified team environment, through leadership, employee empowerment and continuous learning; able to act as liaison/change agent between production employees, senior management and third parties.

Additional Training
Introduction to Project Management, Management Analysis: Overview, Customer Satisfaction: Analysis and Implementation, Maximizing Interpersonal Relationships, Introduction to Program Evaluation, Basic Statistics, Internal Processing Audits-Quality Control, Strategic Management and Analysis, Performance Accountability Review (PAR) Training, Government Accountability Office – Appropriations Law, Analytics Boot Camp, Project Management

Awards & Accolades
Research and Analysis of New Program Initiatives, Collaboration/Helping/Mentoring: Leading others through Partnerships

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