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Certified Resume Writers | Professional Resume Writing Service ~ Starting at Only $99!

The first step of our resume service starts with one of our professional resume writers having a fact-gathering conversation, whereby we gain an insight into your past work experience and any additional pertinent information which should be included. Next, we discuss with you the position(s) you are most actively seeking, so that we can tailor the resume to market you in a capacity to target your ideal job.

We begin to craft your resume, and within 24 hours our resume writing service can have the completed result in your hands.

Upon completion, we send the resume and/or cover letter back to you for your final approval. We follow up with a conversation, where you can vocalize any concerns you may have or any changes you would like implemented, in an effort to ensure that you are highly-satisfied with the finished product(s). In addition, we share with you our thinking process during the writing of the resume, so that you can understand as to why our professionals made the decisions that produced your resume.

Resume Writing

Our resume service creates customized and tailor-made resumes that capture your respective work experience. Our resume writing showcases and highlighst an individual’s talents, giving them a competitive advantage amongst their peers in their job search.

Cover Letters

Our cover letters are created to reflect and accentuate your resume’s highlights, and also discuss your respective character, work ethic, and desire for each job opportunity.

Resume Distribution

Our resume distribution service will automatically create an account for you, and post your resume to over 100 leading job search sites, which consist of nearly 3 million employers, in just MINUTES!

Resume Website
Our website resume transforms your existing resume into a savvy and cutting-edge website, with your own personalized customized URL. Within the website, we create sections for your professional profile, prior experience, and education, and can create new sections to fit your needs.
Resume Business Cards

A “resume business card” highlights your professional profile and work experience on a standard-sized business card. It also contains your contact information, as well as a summary of your qualifications, and can provide a quick and simple method for providing a contact, potential employer, or recruiter with your background.

“Interview Follow-up” Thank You Letters

After securing an interview or establishing communication with a potential employer, our “Thank You” letters convey a high degree of gratitude for an employer’s time and effort, and emphasizes that you welcome their consideration of you for the position.

Job Counseling

We provide professional and personalized 1-on-1 job counseling, including interview coaching, and educating you on numerous job searching techniques and tips

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