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Dynamic and results-oriented professional with diverse experience and expertise in establishing process controls with manual / automated welds for Tube mills, Turbine Repairs, Orbital welds on micro applications and automated pipe / valve welds – clad in industries such as nuclear, power, waste energy, aerospace, medical, electronic, power, oil, refinery and chemical. Highly reliable with profound technical knowledge, diagnostics, troubleshooting, problem analysis and problem-solving skills adept at engaging requirements while designing solutions based on strong technical expertise and experience. Extensive metallurgical and lab expertise on weld failures, cladding, wear and weld corrosion issues. Accountable and detail oriented professional with the ability to be productive and focused in pressure filled situations and effectively complete complex assignments within tight deadlines Enthusiastic individual and an excellent communicator recognized ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships across cross-functional teams and diverse individuals at any levels.

Core Competencies
Organizational Leadership • Weld Process Controls • Automated Welds • Training & Development • Project Management Cost Reductions • Operations Management • Process Improvements • Team Management • Problem Resolution


• Served as Manager for 1000 companies in 13 countries, specialized in providing management – engineering support for the implementation of both manual – automated Best Weld Practices and Weld Process Controls.
• Optimized weld projects on pipelines – nuclear plants and power plants – waste energy plants – subsea weld and clad applications – shipyards (oil tankers) – bridge construction and structural steel shops.
• Successfully assisted NASA – Spacex and Boeing and many major defense contractors with weld problems.
• Proficient in various codes and standards including ASME B&PV Section VIII Division 1, Section II, Section IX. AWS D1.1, NBIC, ASNT, API 510, API 570, API 579 / NACE.
• Provided process optimization and training for over 10,000 weld decision makers in thirteen countries.
• Process control expert in setting optimum orbital – robot, MIG – Flux Cored – Plasma – TIG – Hot Wire – TiP TiG pipe clad and fabrication welds.
• Served as North American weld manager for ABB Process Expertise Robot Weld Automation, optimized weld quality – productivity using ABB – Motorman – Panasonic – Fanuc – ESAB – Cloos, and OTC robots. Computer skills, MS Word – Power Point – Adobe Business Catalyst – Dream Weaver.
• Created optimum manual – automated weld data, trained personnel with MIG – MIG RMD – MIG STT – TIG – Hot Wire – TIG, TiP TiG – Flux Cored – Plasma – Laser welds on gas / oil pipe lines and pressure vessels.
• Established the world’s first flux cored – pulsed MIG on robot 40-inch pipe diameter pipe welds and field robot welds for pipe casings for an Imperial Oil Alberta oilrig project.
• Created weld process patents for automated pulsed MIG weld systems on overlay Inconel – stainless, boiler, water wall pipes.
• Oversaw automated Hot Wire TIG weld repair projects for many North American coal fired and nuclear plants
• Created systems and procedures for MIG and TIG – TIP TIG clad welds on overlay pressure vessel, pipe bores and developed unique weld clad solutions for both Sub Sea pipes and valves.
• Served as key AWS Committee member, authored the American Weld Society MIG Gas Specifications and function as advisor for the AWS Flux Cored Specifications.
• Authored the “Thermal Cutting Section” on Laser-Plasma-Oxy Fuel Cutting in the ASM Handbook Ninth Edition 1988.
• Wrote complete Welding section for “Machinery Handbook” 25th edition.
• Proven ability to provide quotes and recommendations for cost affective robot / automated weld lines and related weld manufacturing equipment.
• Ability to collaborate with Designers to improve weld-ability of welded components and structures.
• Produced three weld patents and an expert in establishing effective “robot” MIG weld process controls for all robots in all industries that utilize robots.


TiP TiG USA Owner 2009 – 2013
Cameron. Leeds, UK. Weld Engineer Process Improvement Contract 2009
Welding Services, (Aquilex), Atlanta GA Corporate Weld Manager 2007 – 2008
N. American, General Electric Quality Council Weld Manager 2007 – 2008
MKS Instruments, Inc. MA Corporate Weld Manager Date
Textron / Omniquip, Port Washington WI Corporate Weld Manager: Heavy Fabrication 2000 – 2002
ABB Flexible Automation North American Corporate Robot Weld Mgr 1994 – 1998
Airgas, Inc. USA Corporate Weld Marketing & Weld Training Manager Date
AGA. Gas. Cleveland OH Corporate Weld Equipment Product / Training Mgr. Date
Union Carbide – Linde, Canada Weld Department Manager Date
Atomic Energy Nuclear Research, Canada Weld Technologist Date
The Canadian Welding Institute Weld Research Technologist Date
Shawinigan Engineering. Canada Weld Quality Control Manager Date
Ontario Hydro. Canada Weld Quality Control Supervisor Date


Imperial Oil | General Dynamics | GE Railcar |Bechtel | ABB combustion Eng. | WSI | Exon | BP | Fluor | Rolls Royce | Spacex | Magnatech | BOA | Flexonics | GM | Dana | Textron | Honda | Toyota | Tower | Milton Bridge | Manitowoc Cranes | Holland Mfg | Bell Helicopter | Astec | Graco Inc. | Aker Ship Yard


Imperial Oil, Cold Lake Alberta, Canada – Introduced manual and automated MIG – flux cored process control training for contract pipe welders. Trained contract stick pipe welders in using MIG / flux cored process on pipeline and shop applications as well as using automated MIG / flux cored on steam / natural gas / oil pipes.

Textron, Thailand – Managed a six-month project and developed manual / automated MIG / flux cored weld procedures to repair cracks on 160 Textron Stingray Army Tanks.

Aker. Philly Naval Ship Yard – Oil Tanker Construction – Served as shipyard manager. Resolved weld issues and introduced Best Weld Practice and Process Control flux cored training modules.

General Dynamics Ordinance and Tactical Systems, TX – Resolved weld problems on 2000 bomb casings.

MKS Instruments, Inc. – Improved automated TIG welds on stainless and Inconel chip manufacturing monitoring devices.
Caterpillar – Established robot MIG weld procedures for the world’s largest robot welded trucks.

Ford Motor, Dearborn, MI – Provided resolution to numerous robot weld issues. Implemented “automated weld process control program” which provided Ford with the requirements to save a minimum of $500K per month in weld rework.
Ramco / Alcoa – Advised on automated and robot aluminum weld issues and improved GM frames.

BOA Georgia – Reset Austenitic / Inconel flexible tube welds on catalytic converters which provided a “no cost” process improvement increasing the BOA weld productivity from 600,000 units per-year to 900,000 units per year and reduced the production weld rework from 7 to 0 %

GM Bowling Green, KY – Established new robot MIG weld procedures for the 99 Corvette bodies.

Millennium Industries – Removed robot / GTAW (TIG) weld process issues on Ford / Jaguar fuel injector components, which resulted in an annual saving of $300K.

Harley Davidson – Provided robot bike frame weld procedures and weld process controls increased robot MIG weld production by 30%.

Chrysler Neon – Resolved and eliminated Neon welding problems, causing Chrysler $800K a month in weld rework.

Hydro Aluminum – Resolved GM robot alum weld problems. Corvette gas trunk frames. $200.000 yr. savings.

Hayes Lemmerz: Large US Automotive / Truck Wheel Manufacturer – Resolved numerous automated pulsed weld issues on both Aluminum and Steel Wheels

Fruehauf Trailers – Resolved automated aluminum seam welds on truck floors.

Genie. Redmond, Washington – Provided process control training which increased robot productivity by 30%.

VAW- Ford Aluminum Car Seats – Solved extensive robot welding issues and increased weld production 40%.

Case International Tractor Div. – 0ptimized robot welds on the tractor cabs, which reduced weld rework by 40%

Mascotech, Michigan – Developed robot weld process control programs for 300/400 series stainless, robot welds, 98 Ford Mustang manifolds, Chrysler Jeep and Hummer manifolds.

Johnson Controls Mexico – Resolved robot weld productivity issues, improved weld production by 30%.

Volvo – Developed new robot weld line and provided training for Volvo Truck Cabs WV

Monroe Shocks – Created global uniform weld best practices and robot process controls for five plants.

Club Car – Established robot line weld data for robot welding aluminum golf carts.


Weld & Metallurgy Program – City Guilds. Stretford Tech College. UK.

Weld Metallurgy – University of Wisconsin Dept. of Engineering

Robotics Welds – Ohio State University

Advanced Brazing – J W Harris

Laser Welding and Cutting – Ohio State University

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