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Thin Film Process Engineer

Material Research………Thin Film………Optics………Photovoltaic………Vacuum Deposition………Delivers Results
Knowledgeable, highly educated, innovative, and data driven process engineer with more than 5 years experience in process development initiatives, focused on thin film photovoltaics and materials research. Demonstrate extensive knowledge and expertise of various Vacuum Deposition processes, phosphors, wet chemistry and thin film characterization techniques. In 2008, Co-founded OmniPV, Inc. as a new generation solar energy start-up. Co-author of several publications and U.S. patents.

Process/Equipment Engineer – OmniPV, Inc., Menlo Park, CA 2008 – 2011
 Collaborated on development of photoluminescent semiconductor material used for third generation solar module, with capability to reduce cost of solar energy to under $0.25/W.
 Designed and built laboratory for thin film deposition and characterization, purchased equipment worth more than $250K from various vendors, successfully negotiated contracts with various vendors and service providers to have laboratory and processes running uninhibited.
 Developed both PVD and CVD processes for thin film deposition of Sn-based material, PVD proved to give much higher efficiency and better film quality.
 Performed structural analysis and testing of a material such as XRF, Raman, SEM-EDS and discovered relationships between luminescent efficiency and stoichiometry of a material, and strategically implemented DOE to improve material specifications, resulting in 200% increase in materials external QE.
 Designed and simulated optical cavities and filters, using FilmStar software, for possible use in SSL devices, and developed filters by using dc pulsed reactive or RF sputtering of several transparent oxides.
 Designed and simulated 62% efficient monochromatic PV cell by using 2D software MicroTec.
Materials R&D Engineer – UltraDots, Inc., Fremont, CA 2006 – 2008
 Innovatively invented and developed whole new class of luminescent semiconductor materials with tunable wavelengths
 (450nm – 1100nm) that can be used for either photovoltaic or solid state lasers or LED applications.
 Successfully applied PVD processing knowledge to develop thin film out of powder/phosphor, and improved optical characteristics and overall understanding of a material.
 Developed and optimized thin film deposition process for various vacuum deposition techniques (e-beam, thermal).
 Discovered new way for precursor conditioning that successfully shortened deposition time by 40% while retaining thin film uniformity and optical properties.
 Solved thin film non-uniformity problem by switching to RT Anneal versus conventional furnace.
 Wrote technical manuals and trained several other employees on PVD processing.
 Performed various optical and structural characterization measurements for semiconductor thin films and powders: PL, ABS, DSC, XRF, XRD, SEM, optical profiling (VEECO), 4-point, Dektak etc.

M.S., Physics – Faculty of Science, Banja Luka University, Bosnia and Herzegovina – 2005
Lean/Six Sigma Green Belt – Aveta Business Institute – 2011
“Synthesis and characterization of CsSnI3 thin films”,
Appl. Phys. Lett. 96, 221903 (2010)
“Chemical Vapor Deposition of CsSnI3 Thin Films for Photovoltaic Applications”,
TMS 2010 Electronic Materials Conference
“Photovoltaic study of perovskite semiconductor CsSnI3 thin film”,
2009 MRS spring meeting, San Francisco, CA, April 13-17
“The radioactivity of the soil in the county of Samac, Bosnia and Herzegovina”
XX International conference for physics students, Coimbra, Portugal, August/2005
“The Ramsauer-Townsend effect”
XIX International conference for physics students, Novi Sad, Serbia and Montenegro, August/2004

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