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Experienced and well credentialed Relay Technician and Electrical Commissioning Engineer with a proven track record in managing global utility power operations on a large scale focused on commissioning activities and electrical startup procedures for various boiler and coal fired power stations. Experience in providing complex maintenance, testing, troubleshooting, repair, and installation of protective relaying and control systems associated with transmission and distribution systems. Seek Utilities Power Delivery position where Electrical Commissioning Engineering expertise is held at a premium

Core Competencies
Transmission Line Protection • Oil/Gas Circuit Breakers • Schematic/Wiring Diagrams • Relay Systems
Computer/Manual Automated Test Plans • Ground Grid Testing • Analog/Digital Meter Calibration
Ash Handling System • Communications • Process Streamlining • Operations Improvement

Black & Veatch, Sandy Creek Power Station, Riesel • TX 2011
Electrical Commissioning Engineer
Oversaw operational commissioning and startup of 900MVA Toshiba Generator with IHI boiler. Tested CTs, PTs Field and Excitation, Non-Seg Buss, Isophase Buss and various equipment associated with Generator protection schemes. Commissioned Siemens Profibus for motor control centers (MCC’s) and secondary unit substations (SUS’s). Performed loop checks to Ovation DCS and Toshiba DEHC control systems, and provided key assistance and instruction to electrical technicians regarding problems that required advanced expertise. Coordinated third party testing and installation of 345 kV Collector Yard and two Capacitor Banks. Tested and startup of Induced Draft system, Forced Draft system, Ash handling system, burners, coal conveyors, coal crushers, steam turbine and auxiliaries, feed water, water treatment, condensate, compressed air, circulating/cooling water, and Soot Blowers. Executed protective relay setting tests with Doble F6150, ProTesT software for generators and GSU transformers, and provided technical support for power plant startup by providing troubleshooting for computer-based multi-function relays.
Black & Veatch, West County Power Station, Loxahatchee • FL 2010 – 2011
Electrical Commissioning Engineer
Managed operations for commissioning and startup of 3 Mitsubishi gas turbines and Toshiba steam turbine with Nooter heat recovery steam generators (HRSG’s) combined cycle plant. Tested CT’s, PT’s, and other equipment associated with protection schemes. Performed protective relay testing from manufacturers like GE C60, F60, G60, Multilin 469, Multilin 735, Multilin 750, SEL 351, 501-2, and Beckwith M3425 M3430 and M-0388/0389. Performed loop checks to Ovation DCS, Mitsubishi DEHC, and Toshiba DEHC control systems. Collaborated with design engineers on relay coordination issues. Interfaced between electrical, design team and construction team to solve any issues and concerns during construction stage. Oversaw electrical field engineering changes, and collaborated with FPL for onsite contractual and engineering issues.
Black & Veatch, Plum Point Power Station, Osceola • AK 2008 – 2009
Electrical Commissioning Engineer
Performed complete electrical startup initiations for 1000 Megawatt coal fired power station that included commissioning of plant auxiliary electrical system, medium and low voltage switchgear, and motor control centers and protective relaying and control for switchgear. Commission interfaced with 345 KV switchyard and circuit breakers, generator step up transformer, unit auxiliary transformers, and generator protective relaying, circuit breaker, and auxiliary equipment. Supported mechanical with commissioning of low and medium voltage motors, and all controls associated with motors and systems. Performed Station-wide ground grid testing. Completed all documentation associated with electrical commissioning and inserted into completed turnover packages. Documented all changes to design drawings with engineering approval and provided as-built drawings to design section for updating. Performed commissioning of balance- of- plant (BOP) electrical equipment like steam turbine auxiliary, isophase bus duct, protective relaying, and miscellaneous equipment.

Black & Veatch, Costa Azul LNG, Ensenada • Mexico 2007 – 2008
Electrical Commissioning Engineer
Performed global specific electrical startup and commissioning of LNG ship terminal. Conducted electrical startup and commissioning activities, and assisted with testing and checkout of three 22 MW Solar Gas Turbines and one Cummings Black Start diesel generator system. Conducted generator, MV and LV switchgear and relay testing. Assisted in facility Testing of CT’s, PT’s, and other equipment associated with protection schemes. Performed protective relay testing of GE MIB High Impedance Relays, GE F60, Multilin 469, and Multilin 735, SEL 351, 387, and 387E, and Beckwith M3425, M3430, M-0388/0389. Performed primary current injection on MV buses and SUS Breakers. Loop checks to Ovation DCS and Solar’s DEHC control systems. Collaborated with design engineers on relay coordination issues related to Island Configuration of Power System.

Sentinel Electric, Inc. Bremen • GA 2003 – 2007
Relay Technician
Tested and modified protection and control for transmission lines, including stepped zone, differential, blocking, direct transfer trip, and over current schemes. Tested Oil and gas circuit breakers at voltage levels of 13.5 kV to 500 kV; power transformers using both differential and impedance schemes; and substation and generating station switchyard busses. Completed logic and schematic testing of control and protection relaying, relay panels, and relay settings for Transmission and Distribution Stations. Provided guidance, and proofed correct development of one- and three-line diagrams; schematic and wiring diagrams; relay settings and calculations; SCADA system and communications interfaces including RTUs, HMIs, and IEDs. Able to perform, inspect, evaluate, calibrate, test and set wide variety of electro-mechanical and microprocessor based relays, and programmable logic controllers. Developed and operated automated test plans (both manual and computer controlled) relay test sets and calibration equipment manufactured by AVO, Doble, Manta and others. Expert on Doble ProTesT and F6150. Performed calibrations on analog and digital meters, transducers, and SCADA inputs. Performed off and on line function tests and took in service readings to monitor system performance. Made repairs to solid state and microprocessor based relay and control systems at circuit board and component level. Identified failed, faulted, and intermittent components and systems. Performed AC power-factor (Doble) testing, DC insulation resistance (Meggar), AC and DC high potential testing. Utilized high current test sets, ammeters, voltmeters, wattmeters, varmeters, phase-angle meters, frequency meters, and power analyzers to determine problems and failures.

(Details available upon request)

Testing Technician – Overland Contracting, Conyers, GA
Electrician – United States Navy, Norfolk, VA


AAS, Industrial Systems Technology – Automated Controls Concentration – 2006
DeKalb Technical Collage, Clarkston • GA
ITS Substation Access Training – 2000
Georgia Transmission Corporation’s Training Facilities, Atlanta • GA
2011 Doble Protective Relay Seminar – Buena Vista Palace Hotel, Lake Buena Vista, FL
Motor Management and Control Devices – SIMOCODE – 2011

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