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Professional Experience – Administrative

blviken, Hesperia, CA September 2009-present
Website design and maintenance
I currently maintain several websites. One is a retail website owned by my husband and myself and the other is an informational website designed to provide information to the general public.

• Designed and maintained two diverse websites and continue to keep them operational.

Desert Engineering, Inc. Hesperia, CA May 2005- October 2008
Office Manager/Accounting Consultant
In my duties as accounting consultant of this small civil engineering firm, I am responsible for all accounts receivables (including collections), accounts payables, invoicing, and ordering of supplies and equipment. In my former duties as office manager, I was responsible for scheduling of the field technicians and the production of all reports. My duties also required that I handle all correspondence by phone, mail, e-mail or fax as well as public relations with this firm’s clients.

• Initiated and maintained the bookkeeping system for this company at its beginnings with the program QuickBooks.
• Initiated and maintained a system for record-keeping of all client reports.
• Initiated and maintained a system for communicating between employees using e-mail.

ENA Engineering Apple Valley, CA March 2004- May 2005
In my duties as secretary for this small civil engineering firm, I was responsible producing all client reports, all invoicing and maintaining all accounts receivable. In addition, I was responsible for all correspondence by phone, fax, mail and e-mail. I was also responsible for collections of past due accounts. This company closed in May of 2005, and I continued to work for one of the owners at Desert Engineering as the office manager there.

• Reduced the age of past due accounts to less than 30 days (average).
• Developed and maintained a system of filing reports for easy future access.

University of North Dakota Grand Forks, ND September 2002- December 2003
Field Assistant – Department of Social Work
In my duties as the Field Assistant for the Department of Social Work at this state-run university, I was responsible for coordinating the activities of the field department. I was a primary communication link between the students, the field office, the field agency (agencies outside of the school), and occasionally, the Department of Social Work administration. As this position was not established prior to my employment, I was responsible for organizing the many forms and other accreditation requirements that were necessary for this public institution. In doing this, I was required to evaluate the records that were there and obtain any missing information necessary, to keep an ongoing record of documentation, and to keep the data-base up-to-date. I was also responsible for maintaining a database of the number of practicum hours each student had, and to keep the student, the agency, and the Field Liaison (the university employee who acted as liaison between the university, the student and the agency) informed as to concerns in this area. As the assistant to the Field Coordinator, I was responsible for assisting her with her day to day activities, researching information on the Internet, informing her of upcoming scheduled events, organizing meeting location and accommodations and managing correspondence, both e-mail and regular mail. As part of the Social Work Department, I would occasionally assist in the administrative office of the department by answering the phone and assisting students and visitors with any questions they had. I was also solely responsible for completing travel vouchers, and making any and all travel arrangements within the Department.

• Organized and maintained the required records for the Field Office of the Department of Social Work.
• Established a system to keep students and faculty informed of field department events and classes using e-mail.
• Made the preparations necessary for a large university-sponsored workshop. Made room and meal arrangements, assisted guest speakers with audiovisual and reading materials, established a mailing list to potential attendees, and oversaw the registration for the event.

GFG Foodservice Grand Forks, ND December 1999- April 2002
Clerical Sales Assistant
In my duties as Clerical Sales Assistant, I was responsible for producing many spreadsheet and word processing documents. I built many reports based on sales figures and customer type. I designed numerous reports to insure that the information needed was accurate and in a form that the sales force could easily use in their day to day activities. I have used extensively, Microsoft Excel, Word and Power Point. I have set up presentations on Power Point for a variety of people. I was also responsible for organizing and setting up various meetings, lodging accommodations, and a great many other PR functions. I was one of two back-up receptionists. In this capacity, I ran a multiple-line switchboard, as well as greeted guests who entered the facility.

• Established a system to monitor equipment leases to insure that all information is accurate on a day-to-day basis.
• Set up an interdepartmental communication line to insure that certain products are available for our customers as they need them

Immanuel Christian Children’s Center Grand Forks, ND September 2000-October 2001
Business Manager
I assumed the role of Business Manager of this, then 15-month old facility, on a volunteer basis in September of 2000. In my duties there, I was responsible for all accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, as well as assisting in filling out a variety of forms for state and local agencies. This company used “Quickbooks” for its accounting. I, along with the Day Care Director, was responsible for all collection calls, and budgeting needs. I reported extensively to the Day Care Board as well as occasionally to the Church Voters, the overseers of the Day Care. In this position, I was responsible for submitting all governmental forms for licensure as well as reimbursement.

• Decreased Accounts Payable late days from over 90 to within 30 days.
• Set up a budget for the FY 2001
• Set up a system to monitor Accounts Receivable and decrease the over 90 day accounts

Culligan Water Conditioning Hillsboro, ND January 1999 – July 1999
As the sole office employee, I was responsible for all aspects in the running of the office of this water conditioning company. Duties included accounts receivable, recording of payroll and payroll taxes, recording and monitoring accounts payable and banking documentation, inventory, customer service and ordering of office supplies. I was also responsible for written communication and management of day to day office operations. Consumer service included customer education, some problem solving and routing to the appropriate people. This company was not computerized, so all accounting was done manually.

• Organized the accounts receivable and accounts payable to allow for closer tracking.
• Worked extensively to improve customer relations
• Set up a system of inventory control
• Initiated system for monitoring ongoing customer maintenance needs
Goose River Feed Co., Hillsboro, ND April 1996 – February 1998
Office Manager
As the office manager of this small livestock feed manufacturing company, my duties included accounts receivable, payroll, payroll taxes, inventory, customer service and ordering of supplies. I was also responsible for written communication and management of day to day office operations. I was responsible for completing the periodic tax forms, such as W-2’s, 1090’s, 941, 940, state payroll, federal and state unemployment as well as Worker’s Compensation. I assisted in preparation of and compiling several extensive business plans, graphic layouts of labels, as well as preparation of a variety of different promotional sheets, product information sheets, and other consumer educational products. I dealt with many customers (wholesale and retail), and representatives of many corporations and government agencies. Computer programs I worked with included Windows 95, Microsoft Works, QuickBooks, and extended use of spreadsheets, database and word processing.

• Developed a system of tracking and recording inventory.
• Organized record keeping to allow better day to day track of accounts payable and receivable, to insure that customer orders were kept and that inventory was available to serve the customer.

Discovery Toys, Inc., Livermore, CA October 1994-December 1999
Educational Consultant
I sell Educational products to the consumer through the use of in-home parties, demonstrations and phone. I order the products from the company, insure that customer satisfaction is achieved and assist in the uses of the products. I work with parents, schools and day-cares to provide them with products to satisfy their needs. I am required to keep accurate records of sales and customers, to independently advertise, and to assist with any problems that arise. I am required to market Discovery Toys and my business independently.

• Achieved Senior Consultant within first three months of starting this business
• Achieved sales in the top 6% nationally during one month
• Increased customer base from 0 to approximately 250 within 1 1/2 years

Professional Experience – Health Care

Quinsippi Nursing Home, Quincy, IL January 1991-December 1991
Head of Rehab Nursing Department (RN)
I assessed needs of nursing home residents for rehabilitative programs i.e. feeding programs, bowel and bladder training, etc., in this 150 bed facility. Designed rehab plan of care for the resident and trained staff in this plan of care. I also did follow up and reassessments on the residents and ongoing education for resident, staff and family. In addition, I did inservice programs for the entire staff of the nursing home on such topics as hepatitis, and resident rights.

• Instituted the first rehab program within the facility
• Through this program, approximately 15 residents became more independent in activities of daily living.

Missouri Department of Social Services, St. Louis, Mo 1989-1990
Institutional Advisory Nurse II, (Division of Aging) (RN)
Performed state licensure and federal survey function of long term care facilities throughout the St. Louis area. I monitored residents, staff and documentation to insure that residents were receiving care in compliance with state and federal guidelines. I often worked with 2-3 other team members in inspecting facilities, but would also investigate independently, especially in response to complaints issued against a facility.

• Successfully completed federal survey training to become a licensed surveyor for the Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA)

Wahpeton Health Care Center, Wahpeton, ND 1982-1986, 1987-1989
Staff Nurse, Assistant Director of Nursing, Director of Nursing (RN)
I assessed needs of residents of this 201 bed, long term care facility to insure that medical care was appropriate. Trained staff in the procedures required to perform medical care as well as activities of daily living. Hired and evaluated nursing staff within the facility. I did the scheduling for the entire nursing department. Worked with outside resources to provide inservice and support to the nursing staff. Worked with other departments within the facility to insure that the needs of the residents were met. Worked within budget needs and constraints for the nursing department. Worked within the region for public relations for the facility as well as the community. I worked very closely with physicians and other health care professionals to provide for the needs of our customers.

• Instituted new methods of documentation, communication and care of the residents.
• Instituted use of intravenous feedings within the facility.


Associate Degree – Nursing – North Dakota State University 1981
Bachelor’s Degree – Accounting – University of Phoenix Online. Graduated with honors
Masters in Business Administration – University of Phoenix Online. Scheduled to graduate 12/2010

Additional Experiences

• I have served on the Health Care Board in the city of Hillsboro, ND. This board governed the local nursing home and hospital. In this capacity, I served as Secretary of the Board as well as being a member of the personnel committee. Prior to this, I served on the Health Care Board in the city of Lakefield, MN where I had also previously resided.
• I have directed the adult choir of our church. Within this role, I determined the type of music required and assisted the choir in learning that music.
• I currently volunteer to teach adult classes in my church, often using PowerPoint presentations for these classes.
• Chairman of the Nominating Committee and District Planner for the North Dakota District Lutheran Women’s Missionary League. In this capacity, I worked with the District President of this auxiliary group of our church to assist her with correspondence, set up meeting and hotel accommodations and in any other capacity in which she needed my assistance. As Chairman of the Nominating Committee, I was responsible for coordinating the activities of the committee, communicating with potential nominees, and obtaining references from necessary individuals.



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