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What is the purpose of a cover letter?

A covering letter is as important as a resume.
It is common practice to underestimate the importance of these and focus only on impressive resumes. It is bait for the employer to get them interested in your resume and profile.
Today, the competition is getting very tough, and every small step you take will help you receive incredible dividends. Its help you gain an upper hand over others since you are taking that extra step. Moreover, not everybody is aware of it and the practice of attaching it with their resumes. Be as possible when writing your sample letter. It is your first impression on your employer and hence, the most important one. It shows your communication and organizational skills, both of which are highly regarded in any organization these days.

If you want to have a fighting chance in securing that job, you need to work really hard on your cover letter. The cover letter is the first thing that employers look into when evaluating an applicant. It is where you personally address the employers and talk to them about who you are and what you can do. One of the biggest mistakes you’ll ever commit when applying for a job is sending an application with just your resume and nothing else. This is impersonal at best, and it shows how unprofessional and haphazard you are.

When written brilliantly, the cover letter can work wonders for you. There have been many claims of people actually grabbing a job because of how well they presented themselves in their cover letter. Some who may not even be qualified for a job were able to land it because their cover letters made up for what they lack. Resume cover letters, when written properly and with an enthusiastic spirit, can actually “stretch” the truth about you.

However, keep in mind that if your cover letter is not impressive, your employer might not even spare a glance at your resume. It should always be sent along with the resume. It is an add-on for your resume, summing it up.

The basic function of a letter is to ask the employer for an interview. After reading your impressive letter, it is probable your employer will read your resume. If it is suiting his needs, he will call you first for an interview.

So where does it help you? It does in giving you an edge over another candidate who has similar qualifications and experiences as you do.

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